*EMG 004*

The Viennese bands Andriano De Daucocco, Ash My Love, Bell Etage, Benjamin Tomasi, Bon Bon Beast, Eloui, Ernesty International, Hotel Prestige, Morbidelli Brothers, Panda Pirate, Rika and Thalija share a rehearsal room in Simmering. Each band recorded there on long weekend a brand new song for the compilation "Rooms From A Song". Enjoy.


The timetable for our recording session was rigorous, not to say unforgiven. Anyways, the lunatic plan to record twelve songs from the twelve different acts of our rehearsal room in Shimmering's Hauffsgasse on one weekend in October 2014 resulted in "Rooms From A Song".
We love the place and we are happy to give you an impression of the sound in there.


recorded and mixed by Martin Tiefenthaler
track 5 recorded and mixed by Eloui
track 6 mixed by Andy Watzik
track 10 vocal recordings by Andreas Dauböck

mastered by Martin Tiefenthaler (advised by Chris Janka)

artwork by Benjamin Tomasi

EMG 004 © 2015

01 ASH MY LOVE Like The Devils

I`ve been so near
(we ve seen so clear)
The light shine so bright
(you did it on the right time)
It hurts just a second
(just for a second)

Ohhh lord cant you see me
(youre time will come)
iCas a good son!
(we will decide that)
Please let me inside you have to wait, wait to get in
There aint nobody to love me, nobody to love me
Like the devils do

Andreas Dauböck - lyrics, music, voc, guit, drums, claps, choir
Ursula Winterauer - music, voc, bass, claps, choir
Martin Tiefenthaler - choir



music and lyrics by Ernst Tiefenthaler
Eloui (bass/voc), Reinhard Gassner (key/voc), Ines Perschy (dr/voc), Elmar Schwarzlmüller (guit/voc), Ernst Tiefenthaler (voc/guit), Martin Tiefenthaler (perc/voc),

03 PANDA PIRATE Hello Hunter

I never knew the reason when you smiled
When you fell into rage and things turned out to get wild
We'd be hiding in trees trembling close in fear
Eventually we'd set up camp for the night on the hilltop here

So here we are we march into the fire
Our eyes turn blank as we give in to our desire
The ground beneath our feet is soaked with tears
We feed on your hope and thirst for your fears

Who'd you defy?
Hello hunter

You can't run you look as if you are tired
You're not the one that she had once admired
You turn your head and look around to see
The hunter's gone maybe you are free at last

Who'd you defy?
Hello hunter

Martin Tiefenthaler - lyrics, music, voc, bass
John Norman - music, piano
Andreas Dauböck - music, drums

04 RIKA Salace
music by Rika
lyrics by Stefan Fellner

05 ELOUI These Are My Hands

These are my hands
These are my bones and tendons and vains
These are my hands

These are my boots
These are my footsteps on unsolid ground
These are my boots

These are my coats
These are my feathers and whiskers and scales
These are my coats

These are my hands

These are my nights
These are my deepest forests and white wolves
These are my nights

These are my toys
These are my scicers and papers and rocks
These are my toys

These are my books
These are my unwritten stories and tales
These are my books

My feet are planted in today

written, played, recorded and mixed by Eloui
except the saxophon samples - played by Thomas Weber and recorded by Christoph Mateka

music by Thalija


07 BELL ETAGE Carnivak
music by Bell Etage
lyrics by Ernst Tiefenthaler



La mia storia di sesso
Avevo tredici anni
No preso anche il mio primo fiore
Allora in Italia

lA ho portato un gelato
E bersaliato con conchilie
Solo per ottenere la sua attenzione
Allora in Italia

Ma quando ti ho visto così
Senza parte superiore
Cera una torre pendente sotto miei pantaloni
Allora in Italia

music and lyrics by Andreas Dauböck

09 HOTEL PRESTIGE Hornissenlied
music by Hotel Prestige
lyrics by Ernst Tiefenthaler



I never felt so lonesome since i am down
I never was myself so deep underground
I have seen such better days
Course i have seen your pretty face

See my body
It is down
Who take care of my mind while i am away
I can`t remember where i am from
I can`t remember since i am gone

I try to understand what youre talking about
My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak
Most ghost already gone
You dont wanna join us into the deep

Andreas Dauböck - lyrics, music, voc
Günther Wöss - music, piano
Herbert Zgubic - music, banjo, guit
Klaus Hämmerle - music, bass
Michael Punzengruber - music, drums



11 :): Is it...?
music by Benjamin Tomasi


12 BON BON BEAST: Lilith Greenwood

Seven eleven postcards
They're working on a whole other level of fun
I'm getting down to get some
To the souvenir shop down by the beach

Seven eleven sun cream
Expiry date is so totally not 21st century
We're going down to get some
The shop owner's called McFly unsurprisingly

Lilith Greenwood as in green and grey and good
Lilith Greenwood as in green and grey and good

Seven eleven Schlauchboot
That's what it says on the side it's made in Germany
We use it as a raincoat
Throw the paddles in the sea

Lilith Greenwood as in green and grey and good
Lilith Greenwood as in green and grey and good
Lilith Greenwood

music and lyrics by Eloui and Ernst Tiefenthaler
played by Eloui (ukulele, voc) and Ernst Tiefenthaler (voc, guit)